cuties conquering the stage 2020
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Crystal City, Virginia
January18-20, 2019
One Weekend. One Team. One Heart Beat. One Goal. 
To Take From Good to Great!
What is Cuties Conquering The Stage?
It's a fact. Physique competitions are CHALLENGING. And that's why every year, for the last 5 years, hundreds of the world's most dedicated female athletes have descended upon Alexandria, Virginia to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW from the coaches performing at the top of their game. Now, it's your turn.

If you're a Bikini, Figure, WP, or Wellness competitor, Cuties Conquering The Stage is YOUR event. Welcome home!
 Committed Athletes
 Elite Speakers
Awesome Sponsors
Heres What To Expect....
Step #1: We Teach
We Teach The Best: Olympia level training & prep, striking posing & presence, the dos & don'ts of show day glam, the perfect blueprint for selecting a winning suit and so much more.
Step #2: We Train
We Proactively Train & Coach: Class is over it's time to go to work. We walk & drill you step by step on how to best pose YOUR physique. We even provide a mock stage show the "Conquering Cutie Stage Show" were you will put everything you are coached up on into action!
Step #3: We Transform
We Focus On The Transformation: The goal at CCTS is simple its to take you from good to great, from stage stuck to stage success. Thats what we are commited on delivering!

Step #4: We Celebrate & Conquer
We Celebrate & Conquer: With your transformation in hand, we celebrate your victory! You'll move forward from the CCTS empowered & confident with the skills to conquer the stage in 2020 & beyond!!!
REGISTER TODAY AND ATTEND THE #1 Stage Preperation Event For Bikini, Figure, WP & Wellness Competitors!...
 Cuties ConqUering The Stage!


If your drive is waning or you lack a clear path to follow then there's no better place to kick off your 2020 competition season than CCTS! Our team will inspire you, challenge you and provide you with the necessary knowledge to kick you back into gear! You will leave CCTS reenergized and with a renewed purpose to tackle your challenges head-on. 


If you feel stuck and your results have hit a plateau or if you are too close to the day-to-day process to see if your training & prep strategy is stagnant our team of experts will help you pinpoint some of the things you can change, modify or remove to jump-start and improve your progress and ultimately your results. 


Collectively the team at CCTS charges well over $2000 for one hour of 1 on 1 coaching. You will have access to this entire brain trust of coaches for two FULL days for a fraction of the cost. Ask them questions directly related to your challenges and get winning proven advice from the PROS, Olympians, Coaches & Industry Professionals performing at the top of their game.


You can't inspect what you expect when you can't manage what you don't know. Leave CCTS with an underlying training & competitive philosophy that will keep any coach you work with accountable & laser-focused on your goals not there's!


Are you new to competing or overwhelmed with all the so-called GURUS peddling some fad gimmick? Use the insights you will learn at CCTS to define what are the core foundational principles you need to focus on to develop, reach and exceed your full potential AND learn these principles from the coaches who have consistently proven there worth by delivering winning results year after year!


You poured your heart and soul into prepping for your show, you trained hard and brought your best physique to the stage only to see it all fall apart when it was time to present your work. Mastering posing & presence can be challenging but our team will help you pinpoint how to best pose your physique & develop the confidence necessary to conquer the biggest and brightest of stages!


Crowdsourcing (the perspective of many) is a powerful & transformative tool. And that is one of the top benefits of attending CCTS. Learn how to overcome areas that you’re struggling with in new dynamic ways. Attack your competitive and life challenges with fresh ideas. Witness real-life examples of how other athletes and coaches would handle similar challenges. Crowdsourcing can be transformative and its the heartbeat of CCTS! 


Fad prep protocols don't work! But foundational ones do! And that's what you will learn at CCTS-what works and what doesn't. You will hear several philosophies around the area of diet and training that are time tested and proven to work. The goal at CCTS is to provide you with proven principles that deliver consistent results!  


Start with the end in mind. Understand your division, what the requirements are and finally how to sculpt & condition your physique to meet what the Judges would most likely reward. And we got you covered at CCTS with some of the best NPC & IFBB Judges in the country to clearly explain what it is the Judges are looking for!


“To be irreplaceable one must always be different.” And that’s why your competition suit and show day package should strive for Unicorn Status. At CCTS you will learn how to set yourself apart from the competition with a head to toe show day package that shines, glitters & stars! 
Why CCTS Is The #1 Stage Preperation Event
  For Bikini, Figure, WP & Wellness Competitors !
Presented & Hosted By
Join Us
in Arlington Virginia
January18-20, 2019
Amidst All The Hype Screaming For Your Attention, Every Now And Then There’s Something That Comes Along That Can Dramatically Change The Path Of Your Competitive Journey (And Maybe Even Your Life) In An Impactful Way…Well Now Is One Of Those Times. 

Hi, I Am IFBB Pro Shawn Hektor-Lewis Founder Of Shawns Couture Cuties And Host Of The 5th Annual Cuties Conquering The Stage (CCTS) The #1 All Female Stage Prep Coaching Event In The Country.
I’ve Been Helping Athletes Rock The Stage For Over Six Years And In That Time I've Helped Well Over 2000 Athletes With There Posing & Presence, Competition Suit Designs, And Show Day Glam.

However, As A Stage Coach, I Always Had This Urge To Find A Better Way To Help Even More Of My Sister Athletes Excel...So In 2016, I Launched My Weekend Training Event Cuties Conquering The Stage and my mission started.

cuties conquering the stage invites the Best Olympians, Coaches, Pro Athletes, National Judges And Fitness Professionals Alongside A Group Of Committed female Athletes Together, In The Same Room, To Network, Share Ideas And Put Into Action winning Strategies To Grow And Improve As A Competitor. 

this event is a game changer That Has Positively impacted The Competitive Journey For Well Over 1000 Female Athletes From All Over This Great Country and beyond. 

the goal at CCTS is Take You From Good To Great From Stage Stuck To Stage Success Hence Why I Said Now Is One Of Those Times Were A mere Decision To Act Can make all the difference for you & Your Competitive Journey!

I invite you to learn more about CCTS and see for yourself why this event can make all the difference for you and your competitive journey.

Shawn Hektor-Lewis
Founder of Shawns Couture Cuties
Meet Our All-Star Line Up Of Speakers
I’ve asked An All Star Team Of Coaches ,PROS & Judges to Join me  for 2 full days of unmatched training, networking & actionable, how-to coaching to help you unleash your full competitive potential. Its One Weekend, One Team, One heart Beat with One Goal. To take from Good to Great!
Shawn Hektor-Lewis
IFBB Bikini PRO & Host of CCTS
Owner of Shawn's Couture Cuties
Paul Revelia
YouTube Fitness Sensation & Elite Coach
Owner of PRO Physiques
Breena Martinez
IFBB Bikini PRO & 5X Olympian
Top Prep & Posing Coach
Jami Debernard
IFBB Figure PRO, Olympian & Top Prep Coach
Owner FitBody Fusion
Whitney Wiser
IFBB Bikini PRO, Olympian & NPC Judge 
 Epic Show Promoter~Nashville Fit Show
Robyn Maher
IFBB Bikini PRO & Fitness Spokes Person
Epic Show Promoter~Salt City Showdown
Julia Waring
IFBB Figure PRO & Olympian
Posing & Presence Coach
Dr. Dean Jabs
Top 50 Plastic Surgeon
Cosmetic Surgery Associates
Jourdanne Lee
 IFBB Olympian
Coach & Mentor with FitBody Fusion

Dr. Mike Perez
Facial Rejuvenation Expert
Medical Doctor
Tim Hipp
Peak Performance & Recovery Expert 
Owner of RX Recovery & Wellness Solutions
Ivana Ivusic
IFBB Figure PRO & 5X Olympian
Owner-Team Conquer Culture
Jennifer Ronzitti
IFBB Bikini PRO 
Runner-up 2017 Ms. Bikini Olympia
Stacia Kelly PhD
Mental Conditioning Expert
Owner of Strength & Grace
Brian Landis
Top Fitness Photographer
Owner of B. Landis Photography
Here's What You Can Expect
Head Olympia Judge Sandy Williamson 
Says it All.....
Amber Johnson
Design Guru
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Sierra Skye
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Kimberly Jones
Coach & Strategist
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Amber Johnson
Design Guru
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Sierra Skye
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Kimberly Jones
Coach & Strategist
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Event Schedule
Cuties Conquering The Stage 2018 Agenda 
One Weekend
One Team
One Heart Beat
One Goal
To Take You From
Good To Great!
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  • BONUS : $100 Rebate On Shawn's Couture Cuties Suit Or $50 Off Posing     
  • EIGHT BREAKOUT SEMINARS- ​Entry to eight—yes, eight—different seminars with content specifically designed & curated for Bikini, Figure, Wellness & WP Athletes
  • KEYNOTE & BIG IDEA SESSIONS -Access to the latest fitness trends, growth tips, advice from our hand-selected panel of experts 
  • ​NETWORKING NIRVANA -Meet new athletes, talk with sponsors, connect with coaches, and experience CCTS at its heart
  • ​RED CARPET CUTIES COCKTAIL MIXER -Let your hair down & have some fun! Relax, mingle and connect with like-minded athletes
  • VIP 5-STAR PLATED AWARDS BANQUET -There ain't no party like a VIP party! Our 5-star plated banquet will have you smiling ear to ear 
  • LEGENDARY CCTS SWAG BAG -The CCTS swag bag is legendary & will be overflowing with a variety of fit & fab goodies 
  • BRANDED 3-RING BINDER -All your seminar content & notes neatly organized in one beautiful branded binder
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  • BONUS #3: ALL ACCESS CCTS VIDEO RECORDINGS -You will receive free access to aLL the CCTS video footage to view at your leisure
  • BONUS #4: ALL ACCESS  CCTS PHOTOGRAPHY-You will receive free download access to the entire 2020 CCTS photography portfolio
AND IF That’s Not Enough IT GETS EVEN BETTER...ACT NOW AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A $100 Ticket Rebate, 30 Units Of FREE Dysport Botox and vip all Access to the CCTS video & photography! 
And To Make Cuties Conquering The Stage Even More Amazing, You Can Apply $100 Of the Price of Your Ticket Towards The Purchase of any of my Show Day Packages During The 2020 Season. 

So in short If You Decide To Hire Me next year To Design your show day package, You Have a Built-In Savings Waiting For You!

But thats not all.....You Will Also Receive The Following Three FREE Bonuses Valued at Over $500!...
  • 30 FREE Units of Botox & $10O off a Syringe of Filler Compliments of Facial Rejuvenation Expert Dr. Perez
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  • ​VIP All Access to The Downloadable CCTS Photography Portfolio
  • ​These Bonuses Are Valued at Well Over $500 But They Are Yours FREE With Your CCTS Ticket Purchase!
Stop thinking in terms of basic Incremental Growth, and start aiming for abundant Levels Of Growth – in all areas of your life.
So REGISTER NOW While Tickets Are Still Available And Come Join Us At 
The 5th Annual Cuties Conquering The Stage!... 
“I owe everything to CCTS thats why I love competing so much. This event is professional, legit & so helpful!
NPC Figure Athlete-Ashley Odom
“ If you want to take your results to the next level then Cuties Conquering The Stage is a must attend event.”
IFBB Figure PRO-Paige Tarloski
“This will be my 5th year attending CCTS and every year it justs keeps getting better & better.”
IFBB Figure PRO-Debra Rosado-Bohac
“CCTS was instrumental in helping me prepare to win my PRO Card.”
IFBB Bikini PRO-Christie Bailey
“The best decision I have ever made. This event has helped me so much”
IFBB Bikini PRO-Jasmine Gonzalez
“If you're an aspiring competitor you need to attend CCTS its that simple!!!”
5X Olympian-Brenna Martinez
 I'm Serious...Do It Now: 
At This Point, There Really Isn't Much Else I Can Say Other Than If You're Serious About Reaching Your Full Potential You Need To Attend  The 5th Annual Cuties Conquering The Stage..... 

So With That In Mind…Scroll Down, Click On The Green “Register Now” Button, Fill Out The Form On The Next Page And Lock Down Your Early Bird Spot So Together With Our All-Star Line-Up Of Coaches We Can Make your 2020 Physique Season You’re Best Yet.

There's No Reason To Procrastinate Or Deliberate Any Longer. The Time For Action Is Now!....

Because If You Wait, There's A Very Good Chance That Life Will Get In The Way And You will Miss Out On a Ticket and the Opportunity To Attend an Event that can take your competive journey from good to great!

  Plus Your Show Day Glam Cost More!...
And if you're still on the fence and need a little perspective then think about this for a minute...

For Less Than The Cost Of Your Hair, Makeup And Tan Service At One Show You Will Be Receiving... 

-The Best Stage Presence & Posing Coaching Available 

-Olympia Level Training & Prep Coaching

-Skills To Manage Your Competitive Journey Both On & Off The Stage 

-And So Much More Including Endless Networking, Fun Times And Life-Long Friendships You Will Undoubtly Make! 

And Unlike Your Hair, Makeup And Tan These Results Will Last You A Lifetime!

So What Are You Waiting For For?....

Register Now! And lets together Rock The 5th Annual Cuties Conquering The Stage! 
Shawn Hektor-Lewis
Founder of Shawns Couture Cuties
About The Venue: The Westin Hotel-Alexandria
The Room You Need To Learn, Grow & Network.
We have an amazing in-house event planner just for Cuties Conquering The Stage
An All-Star Event Space: 
The Westin Hotel-Alexandria
The Westin Hotel-Alexandria is beautiful and spacious, showcasing views of Old Towne Alexandria, a 24-hour gym, and every amenity you could hope for.

It’s the perfect space for an event like Cuties Conquering The Stage where we can get serious work done, then have an amazing time afterward. Hope to see you there! :)
The Westin Hotel-Alexandria
400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5700 USA
Traveling Cuties
$97 For Single or Double Room 
Cuties Conquering The Stage FAQ's...
Is This Event Only For Bikini Competitors?
Absolutely not! Cuties Conquering The Stage is for any female athlete regardless of division. So if if you're a Bikini, Figure, WP or Wellness competitor, Cuties Conquering The Stage is your event welcome home! Many of you may not know this but, I won my pro card while competing in Figure and later decided to compete in bikini AFTER turning pro. So I am very experienced in both divisions and will tell you (if you were to ask me) that I am a figure girl at heart. Naturally, I am going to have more bikini clients because that is the trending division. But I work with all competitors regardless of division and will address all divisions at Cuties Conquering The Stage. Finally, we have 5X Figure Olympian Ivana Ivusic, Figure Olympian Julia Waring, & Jamie Debernard on our panel of speakers. So long story short Cuties Conquering The Stage is a comprehensive stage preparation event.  
When and Where is Cuties Conquering The Stage?
Cuties Conquering The Stage will be held on January 10th-12th at the beautiful Westin Hotel in Old Towne Alexandria minutes from Washington, DC, Capitol Hill & Georgetown.
Are You Providing A Ticket Rebate Like Last Year? 
Yes! When you buy a Cuties Conquering The Stage ticket, I will rebate a $100 of the ticket purchase price toward any of my show day packages. For example, if you decide to buy a competition suit from Shawn's Couture Cuties in 2020, you can apply $100 from your CCTS ticket toward the purchase. 
Is This Event A Good Fit For Me?
Yes, if you desire to reach your full potential, and you want to learn from the people who are playing at the top of their game then Cuties Conquering The Stage is your event! If you are a novice, amateur or PRO, we have you covered.
Are You Providing Easy Pay Plans? 
Yes, are offering EZ pay installments plans to help with the holidays and budgets. My goal is to help as many athletes as I can, and I know having an installment plan will make it possible for more of you to attend. You can find more information about the installment plans in the ticket section above or on the registration page.
Are Tickets Refundable or Transferable?
Sorry, we do not all offer refunds on Cuties Conquering The Stage tickets. But in the event you are not able to attend, you can transfer or sell your ticket to a friend.  
Are There Discounted Rooms At The Host Hotel? 
The Westin Hotel is located in historic Old Towne Alexandria and is located right outside of DC. And yes, we have negotiated a $97room rate for both a single and double room. Moreover, the property is well appointed and has every amenity you could hope for. Finally, if you are traveling by air, the hotel is less than 15 minutes from Reagan Airport.
What’s Included At The Banquet?
The awards banquet will be held on Sunday, January 12th, after the event. We include a 5-star plated dinner experience with refreshments. You will have three meal choices to select from, including a vegan option, and you will have the opportunity to choose before the event. The awards banquet is an excellent opportunity to hang out, let your hair down and get to know all the competitors and guest speakers up close and personal.
Will I Receive Individual Attention?
Yes. Before the event starts, we will ask you to fill out an intake form, so we get a sense of the areas you want to work on. We have also made this a theme throughout the preview period so we can determine in advance what it is the attendee's desire to learn. Armed with that information, we will address the most popular questions and challenges at Cuties Conquering The Stage. Moreover, we also break out in small groups so the coaches can work with you in a one on one setting.
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
This is all female event-sorry guys! And because of our VERY limited seating, everyone must purchase a ticket to attend.
What Should I Wear?
The dress code is comfortable & casual during the day. But you may want to glam it up for the cocktail hour & plated banquet! :)
Who Should I Contact With Further Questions?
Please send an email to Alternatively, feel free to message me on Facebook or if its a real emergency call/text 571.364.5627.
MEET OUR Awesome CCTS 2020 Sponsors
Our Sponsors Do So Much To Help Us Put On A First Class Event! 

They Play such a big Role In Making CCTS The Epic Event it has become. From Swag Bags to note worthy seminars they always step up to make sure each and everyone of you Are well taken care of. 

With that in mind If you have a minute scroll down get to know them, visit there website and say hello
meEt Our 
Cuties conquering the stage 
Premier Titled Sponsor
We are honored to have Fitbody Fusion as our 2020 Cuties Conquering The Stage Premier Titled Sponsor.

Jami DeBernard, the founder of FitBody Fusion, is arguably one of the more forward-thinking coaches in our sport. She takes a unique, realistic, and sustainable approach to nutrition and training. Her integrated methods speak for themselves, with over 600 athletes and a team of 15 coaches. The FitBody Fusion family has produced a number of IFBB PROs and has transformed the lives of thousands!

FitBody Fusion has created one of the world’s most competitive top fitness teams by developing an unrivaled, flexible program for fitness, nutrition, and personal growth, all with one goal in mind: to see their clients ASPIRE to reach their full potential, REACH goals that were once dreams, and THRIVE on and off the stage!! Not just over a 12 week prep, but for life! 

FBF’s core pillars of Aspire, Reach and Thrive are embodied in their philosophy of the ART of Living. 

FBF connects with athletes on a personal level by offering a team of world class coaches that are available based on the needs, personality, goals, and location of each individual athlete. The team works hard to ensure every coach and athlete are a match and can communicate openly about all aspects of prep, off-season, and life in general. 

FBF invests in its coaches by providing leadership and individual development courses for the team to attend and encourages coaches to collaborate with one another to further growth in all areas of coaching. Through this approach, FBF offers a truly unique athlete experience that really feels like they are not just part of a team, but part of a family.  

Jami has a true passion for coaching and desire to leave a legacy in the sport. Whether an athlete is looking for competition preparation or is looking to make a lifestyle change, each person matters and the goal remains the same: to provide the individual with the tools and connection they need to improve, learn and thrive. This is what drives the team each and every day; and this is far from hyperbole because you see the evidence of that passion in their daily walk as well as through the results they produce for their athletes. 

Having Jami speak and share her training & prep insights at the 5th Annual Cuties Conquering The Stage is going to be exciting and a real treat.

You can learn more about Jami and the Fitbody Fusion Team Here:

mEET oUR Diamond Sponsors
We are so excited to host Massage Hope for the second time! At Massage Hope they want you to leave all your worries at the door. That is what they are committed to offering you-the best massage every time you come in. Whether you are dealing with pain or just need to de-stress, their goal is to renew the hope of a better feeling you. They are committed to your health and wellness. All of their therapists are licensed through the Virginia Board of Nursing and insured through the ATMA or ABMP.
LSR is back for the 5th year in a row! If you have been competing for any length of time then you know LSR does not need too much fanfare, they are in my opinion one of the premier show day tanning companies in the country and the #1 reason I will always invite them back to our events.They are a fantastic company operated by incredible women who are always the first in line to support our sport. In my opinion, LSR offers some of the best arrays of tanning & skin care products for competitors hands down. LSR will have a team member at the workshops who will conduct a live interactive seminar on how to achieve a glowing show day tan that rocks your stage package.
Welcome back My Sporty Shop (MSS)-they have become a fixture at CCTS celebarating year 4 with us! MSS offers a beautiful array of active and leisure wear and is owned by Desi Lipova a big cheerleader of the Cutie Community and a CCTS Alumni but more importantly she is a dear friend of mine. In fact, each time Desi launches something new I am first in line to get it. :) Needless to say, My Sporty Shop is one of my favorite brands for everything activewear and I have quickly become one of there best customers (Did I already say I absolutely love her activewear--LOL!) Desi and her my sporty shop team will be attending CCTS for the fourth time and we are so excited to have her back! She is icon at CCTS the event would not be complete without her smiling face!
Welcome Back Stage ready Hair! Don't just be ready be stage ready! that is the battle cry for Stage Ready Hair, & nothing puts the finishing touches on your stage package than a full head of vibrant, bouncy, beautiful hair. Charity Merriweather owner & operator of Stage Ready Hair launched her business because as a competitor she has a passion for helping other competitors bring their best package to the stage. We all know what great hair can do for your confidence & overall stage presence so why not accentuate what you have?! With that in mind, if you want to add a little more bounce, length, or volume to your already beautiful hair, there is no better quality of hair extensions & supporting products than what you will find at Stage Ready Hair!
Discover the beauty of your SKIN microbiome.
Welcome Living Free and Fit a TrūAura Independent Consultant! Living Free and Fit is owned by IFBB PRO Karen Smalls, who is a living example that age is just a number and doing so by winning her PRO card at the age of 57!!! She is an advocate for women's health and has joined her passion for healthy living with international skincare brand TrūAura! TrūAura's mission is to build confidence through nurturing and developing the self-esteem and true potential of every person they touch with their brand, products, and entrepreneurial opportunity. Their goal is to be the #1 probiotic and microbiome-friendly skincare and beauty company in the world while creating an inclusive community empowered to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. With your overall skin wellness as their primary focus, they have formulated skincare products with natural prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that specifically protect and nurture your unique skin flora. Skin flora are frequently (and more correctly) referred to as the skin microbiome. You can learn more about how TrūAura incredible products, a community of confidence, and the entrepreneurial environment by clicking the link below. 
We are excited to welcome Custom Built Nutrition (Built) to the Cuties Conquering The Stage. Built is a customized meal prep and nutrition coaching service that was created to help athletes reach their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. Their mission is to make eating healthy, easy & sustainable. As you know, one of the biggest time sucks is preparing food so having that done for you is a huge help. And built does food prep very well. Their team will be at CCTS & cater our lunch. You will have a great opportunity to engage with them, sample their meals and sign up for there services at a very compelling workshop only intro price. 
mEET oUR Gold Sponsors
We are excited to have back Cosmetic Surgery Associates for the third year. Cosmetic Surgery Associates is one of the premier plastic surgeons in the DMV area. Their physicians are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and are fellows of the American College of Surgeons. They can provide you with advanced care and modern surgical techniques. Dr. Jabs, Dr. Richards, and Dr. Magge are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). With over 20 years of experience each, they continue to prove their aesthetic talent time and time again. 
SUPPPLEMENTS & CONTENT is another company that needs little fan fare. They have been a stalwart in the bodybuilding and nutrition market for over 18 years and has become one of the go-to resources for fantastic training content on the web. In fact, they are the worlds largest online fitness store. Needless to say, they have built a community of fitness-minded athletes that spans the globe and today enjoy over 29 million visitors to there site every month! This year they have made a commitment to fill up our swag bags with some awesome goodies and gear. It's always a pleasure to have as one of our sponsors.

mEET oUR Silver Sponsors
Costa Dino Photography will be shooting all the photo and video behind the scenes action during the CCTS weekend! In fact, this will be his third time shooting the photography and video footage at CCTS and we are excited to have him back. His work is top shelf and his passion for his profession shines through.
As a growing brand and competitor himself; Kevin Costa, the owner of Costa Dino Photography has an eye and a passion for fitness, and we are excited to see his artistic vision come to life at CCTS!
Great tasting natural supplements MADE WITH PASSION
Welcome Propello Life to CCTS! Meet Duke & Todd...Brothers, Fathers, avid soccer fans, adventurers, who are living there dream building Propello Life together all in an effort to give back to the world what they value most-healthy living! They strive to live healthy, holistic lifestyles and are creating active nutrition products to meet the standards they hold their food to. In a confusing world of supplements with unnecessary ingredients, Propello products are simple, NON-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, minimally processed, authentic, sustainable and great tasting.Whether you are a weekend warrior, yogi, tri-athlete, professional athlete, adventurer or a fitness minded parent chasing your kids around, our products will fit easily into your healthy, natural diet. Wherever you are, we are here to meet you. 

We are excited to have the Nashville Fit Show sponsoring CCTS. Promoted by IFBB Bikini PRO Whitney Wiser the show was designed to serve female competitors. Although the show is not a national qualifier, it will provide an excellent experience for any level athlete from first-time competitors to the most seasoned looking to go to the next level. It will also offer a rare opportunity to be seen & critiqued by a predominantly female judging panel of IFBB Pros & National-Level judges. If you are considering a show to compete in this is a great place to start. It has all the ingredients for a great show!
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